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Capture more reservations... Do you run your hotel... or does it run you?
Online Inns


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Our products are subscription-based. Access to the Internet is all that is required, either broadband or dialup. No installation is needed on your computer. A unique link is placed on your web site that enables your guests to make reservations online. You also receive a unique login for managing your hotels.

Our products used the latest security technology to protect you data.

There are two subscriber levels: Professional & Basic.

The Professional level subscription provides both online reservations and property management. It is the complete package for managing and running your hotel. The cost of the Professional level is based on the number of total rooms. There is a minimal monthly maintenance and support fee.

The Basic level subscription is for hotels that only want the online reservation system. With the Basic level, there are no setup or training fees. We receive a small percentage from only the reservations made online by your guests.
<%call Label("We Perform The Setup")%>
We perform the setup for you. Under your direction we will configure your rooms, photos, retail items, pricing, tax rates and hotel policies.

You can do it on your own, but we know that you are busy. We are here to help.

<%call Label("One-Click Booking")%>
Our system shows your rooms on the very first screen! Have you ever left a hotel reservation site because they were asking too much information up front?

We have eliminated another obstacle from the reservation process by not asking for the date or stay information before displaying your rooms. Room pictures, availability, pricing, and details are what make the sale!

In addition, while gathering their guest and credit card information, we keep the images of what they are purchasing with them at all times.

<%call Label("Packages and Retail Items")%>
Better entice your guests to stay through romance, golfing, or activity packages online. Sell candles, roses, and other items online.

<%call Label("Customizable")%>
Your new Reservation and Property Management system will be constantly updated with the latest technology and features. Quarterly updates provide you with enhanced functionality on a regular basis so you will not have to go through an expensive upgrade. Because the system is web-based, these updates are seamless.

Each hotel is unique and has special needs. They often become frustrated because they can not find software that completely matches their particular situation. Although it is not free of charge, we can customize the system to match your exact needs.

<%call Label("Web Solution")%>
Most of our competitors are slowly moving to 100% web-based solutions. Why is that?
  • No installation is required. You can access it from as many computers as you need.
  • Freedom! Access the system from home during emergencies or after hours.
  • Improved support. On support calls, with your permission, we can log in and see exactly what you see.
  • Customizing DOS, Windows, or Mac-based applications is extremely time consuming and difficult.
The Professional subscription is the complete package for managing your hotel. Let us help reduce the stress and burden of running your business.

Online Reservations   Basic Subscription - Mangement System

<%call Label("Features")%>
  • 100% real-time booking by both guests and employees.
  • Quickly check-in and check-out guests.
  • Can easily move guests from one room/date to another.
  • Guests can pay on arrival or departure.
  • Record discounts and trade.
  • Offer specials & packages.
  • Offer express checkout.
  • Assign different rights to different employees.
  • Remember preferences and guest information for their next visit so as to be able to go the extra mile.
  • Built-in anti-duplicate guest features.
  • Group management through sub reservations.
  • Daily finance reports that tell you possible problems if they occur.
  • Property reports showing occupancy, room revenue, Rev Par, etc.
  • Reports for how your hotel is running including extended occupancy.
  • Track room service and retail charges.
  • Track discounts and freebies.
  • Offer and accept Gift Certificates.
  • Free updates. As we add to the system, you get them for free.
  • Marketing tools for providing lists of existing guests and their special dates (birthday, special occasion, etc.).
  • Offer drawings. Use their information for mailings.
  • Daily and off-site backup of your data. Ask for a copy at any time.
  • Importing and Exporting via Microsoft Excel.
  • When you call support, with your permission, we can see what you see.
  • Supports multiple properties.

<%call Label("Screenshots")%>
Daily Financial Report Master Report
1) Daily Financial Report 2) Master Report
Reservations - Week View Check-In & Check-Out List
3) Reservations - Week View 4) Check-In & Check-Out List
Reservation Information Retail Items
5) Reservation Information 6) Retail Items
Guest Information Gift Certificate
7) Guest Information 8) Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate Printing Guest Lookup On A Reservation
9) Gift Certificate Printing 10) Guest Lookup On A Reservation
Confirmation Letter (Print & Email) Detailed Occupancy Report
11) Confirmation Letter (Print & Email) 12) Detailed Occupancy Report
Generate Marketing List Tax Information
13) Generate Marketing List 14) Tax Information
Room Information Booking Report
15) Room Information 16) Booking Report

Call for a 25-minute demo!

<%call Title2("BASIC SUBSCRIPTION")%>

The Basic subscription is for hotels that only want the online reservation part of the system.

Online Reservations   Basic Subscription - Mangement System

The key to the Basic subscription is that the book or existing hotel program remains the master repository. We are just a supplemental service that increases your occupancy by allowing you to capture more reservations.

<%call Label("Basic Subscription Scenarios")%>

Scenario 1: A guest makes an online reservation off of your website.

You receive an email with the reservation details: guest information, stay date(s), room(s), etc.

Note: Since emails are not secure, everything BUT the credit card information is sent in the email. To get the credit card number, you must log into the management site, which is 100% secure, and look up the reservation.

Nice Trick: For smaller hotels, if you have to run an errand and still man the phone via a cell phone, you can have the system send an additional confirmation to your cell phone. You are up to date even on the road!

Scenario 2: A guest calls and makes a reservation.

First, you record the reservation like normal either in your book or hotel program. You then mark that the room(s) for the given date(s) as occupied in our web-based management system.

Most of our subscribers are connected to the Internet 24/7 and it only takes a couple of seconds. You can also dial up each time a reservation is called in if need be.

Scenario 3: A guest calls and cancels.

You log into the management system and make the room(s) once again available online by canceling the reservation.

Is There A Booking Report/Summary?

Yes. In the management system, you can look at the bookings for a given date range, as well as view how many people attempted a reservation.

What about double bookings?

Double bookings are rare but can happen with the Basic subscription. If someone forgets or takes too long in synchronizing both systems, a double booking can occur. There is absolutely no opportunity for double bookings with the Professional level subscription, since both guests and employees make reservations in real-time.

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